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thing is to go to a neighborhood commercial corridor like terra val or out in the sunset noriega and have meals or breakfast or a cup of coffee and really find out all the distinctions that each neighborhood has to offer. i've been a big supporter of our commercial corridors. historically and all my different capacities. but as mayor, i think we get to do something pretty big. so, with the small business commission and regina is here today to be part of this effort, along with building inspection tom huey is here, public works as i mentioned earlier are here. all of the agencies working together with our supervisors and mayor's office have come together and put this program together and we want to announce and launch it today in front of martin lam's good will shop here because he's been a real great leader in helping many of the small businesses, and particularly those that don't speak english owned by proprietors that maybe english is not their first language. over the past couple years, supervisor chu and i have been talking about these drive-by lawsuits that have been occurri
access specialists that would come out here to the commercial corridors like irving, like noriega and taraval in our investment neighborhood strategies, they would offer these free assessments that would do the inspection and allow the small businesses to understand what all the challenges are. so, it begins with that assessment. and then with the monies that we do have, we wanted to follow-up with our sf shines programs and other programs that we have and offer a combination of grants and micro lending loan programs that are available to these businesses so they can make the corrections in an affordable way. this is our city's attempt, it is fully supported by the board of supervisors, and this program i think now has its ability to be launched and have -- really meet these access challenges in a positive way. so, we're not just avoiding lawsuits. i think we do want everybody business to be compliant, as they should be. but we're caught up sometimes with businesses that change hands. people don't know whether or not they're grandfathered in or whether or not -- how accessible it
noriega, irving street and terrville, et cetera, so asian neighborhood design is managing the program. and doing the inspections and helping with the outreach to the businesses. we did have a press conference with the mayor to announce this and it was very nice. supervisor carmen chu after the press conference went and walked along the corridor to start to inform the businesses. are there any questions about that? >> how was the merchants in that area reacting to that? were they receptive? >> yes. we have one business who has filed an application. but others, the asian neighborhood design did an assessment right there on-site. so some of them it was just a few things, like clearing off the counter, that you have your ada counter built and just clearing it off. or removing the garbage can, or changing the table. so they were able do some on-site assessments that were very simple and really readily achievable things that a business can do. so that was very well received. >> that is great. thanks >> and then just a few updates. the other piece of legislation that is before the com
the great depression. it is known as the noriega wall, the leavenworth wall. they were well engineered. at that time, because of the depression, they really gave 100% to the work they were doing. even today, these walls, there is very little movement in these walls, they are performing well. you can check them against earthquake loads, there are more than adequate to resist any earthquake load that you can throw at them. i applaud the results of that stimulus package. >> this particular slide illustrates a bunch of things. one, the hill seemed beyond going down after the lower roadway, goes down quite steeply to pastry -- to bay street and soon thereafter hits the point where there is artificial fill. so you can see dramatically the naturally occurring landforms and the filled terrace. this was also interesting in that you can see alcatraz and angel island at beyond, which of course are the natural peaks of the underground mountains in the bay. so this slide wraps up a lot of conditions. >> is this back on the docks? >> no, these walls were designed as gravity walls. they had the 1 inc
the great highway and noriega. fortunately, neither car was severely damaged. right now on, you can see some of the best images captures by our viewers. we've seen it all from trees into homes, flooded streets to some monster waves. you can also send us your weather pics by e-mails them to us at >>> a deadly home invasion in one of the south bay's most exclusive neighborhoods. a man killed, his wife tied up and their multimillion-dollar mansion robbed. police in monte sereno say it happened in the middle of the night in an estate located in the deeply wooded area near the intersection of highway 17 and highway 9. the sprawling gated property sits on a quarter acre in a neighborhood of upscale homes. let's bring in nbc bay area's damian trujillo who joins us outside of the home with more details. damian? >> reporter: there has been a standing guard here at the front gates of this home. this is quite a fortress up here in the los gatos hills. one officer told me it seems kind of strange that a burglar would target this home. other than that, offic
down to irving street or noriega or taraval or jude a a lot of the times people who come here who own the shops are locales are debttionv . they are people who live in our communities who want to help make our neighborhoods thrive. in 2007 when we first came on board and subsequent years, one of the things that we noticed was that there were a number of different businesses that were being targeted with some of these drive-by lawsuits. many a times when i spoke to businesses, they did not know about the requirements that they had to meet with the federal a-d-a laws. once letters came in, they didn't really know how to respond. they sort of put it away. and it was more egregious especially for our mono lingual communities and our merchants who really didn't understand the correspondence that they were seeing. and, so, it really left them in a bad position. some of the businesses found that they had to close down their shops because they simply could not afford to make the a-d-a improvements and could not afford to pay the penalties associated with that. that's something we don't want
the pizza place, noriega, which is more in the neighborhood of 25th that we're talking about before. one of the things i do every year is invite people for the following year to try to bring some new folks out there and three of the people that i invited this year are in that exact part of the sunset. so, trouble coffee company, outer lands and java beach. so, you have my commitment that i'll be more aggressive about bringing those kind of businesses in. they don't always say yes, but we always start with them and sort of work our way out. i've gotten incredible feedback from both fans of the event. they get to try food they normally wouldn't try, number one, just because of the diversity of the menu offerings, but also because you have these high-end restaurants offering a plate of food for $10, which is not typical of these higher end restaurants. and from the businesses, just incredible feedback on the impact on their businesses, on their community, and most importantly on their employees and something the employees think about for the whole year, the restaurant, have a little bit of
occur. as such muni line 21 hayes, 71 haight noriega and 6 parnassus would not operate any slower and would not result in significant impact. regarding pedestrian safety, project includes sidewalk bulbouts as well as enhanced -- markings and advanced limit lines at intersections of majority of corners in the project area. through increased pedestrian visibility and -- crossing at that intersection pedestrian conditions would improve. therefore no significant pedestrian impaction would occur with implementation of the project. the project would not generate any additional traffic trips or substantially reduce the roadway capacity and would not significantly alter the transportation network. this finding is supported by the traffic analysis conducted for the project. the traffic analysis was conducted by a licensed mta traffic engineer and reviewed by another licensed mta traffic engineer. it was subsequently thoroughly reviewed by two planning department transportation planners. analysis was conducted by a -- as part of the transportation impact study it would show the same los lev
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 69 (some duplicates have been removed)